From D. G. Crouch, Totland:

Amid the pros & cons of the proposed Isle of Wight Diamond Races Race no one has questioned the proposed route.

This 'local yokel' suggests a route as follows: from the Military Road at Brook, up through Brook village, over the top of Brook Shute, down to Chessell onto the Newport Road.

Head westbound over the hill (possibly airborne) down past Broad Lane junction, along to the top of Prospect (airborne again?) down Tapnell, which would be the best place for start, finish and pits, past the old festival site at at East Afton.

Follow right hand bend and then sharpish left bend at Tollgate Cottage, through the trees to Bay Road, curving round to Freshwater Bay.

Sharp left up the Military Road passing the golf course and over Whiteways, down through the sweeping S bends at Compton Chine, along the cut and down past the surfers, then back to Brook.

This route is more rural, better roads and less disturbance to residents.

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