From John Peek, Shanklin:

I would like to respond to Rebecca Roncoroni’s column (CP, 27-11-20).

It is a matter of sadness that Ms Roncoroni seems so unaware of the basics of the Christian faith, whatever the personal provocations might be, many of which I would understand to be unhelpful.

Read Rebecca Roncoroni's column here.

The picture illustrating the article presumes that irresponsible gatherings might be encouraged by Christian churches.

In fact, the reverse is true: many churches have had to severely limit their attendance as a result of Covid and observance of these limits has been fastidious. These measures include social distancing, wearing of face coverings, and no singing by the congregation.

If the “god” that she is rejecting is of no use, then I would applaud her rejection. There is no point in a magical god who resembles strongly a magician.

I would, however, suggest that Ms Roncoroni applies the scientific rigour that she espouses to the base documents of the Christian faith.

The God that is depicted in and by Jesus Christ is one who enters our experience and aids us as we are, warts, diseases, and all.

Of course, she must have integrity in what she believes, but I personally would much prefer to trust in a God who works with us and through us, than an arbitrary system of rights and wrongs that would lead to judgemental thinking and the very ideas of persecution that she objects to.

If she is determined to be atheistic, then I would point out that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ and worshippers are focused on him and not their own particular needs, wants, etc.

So, Happy Christmas!

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