I’ve just returned from an otherwise calm and pleasant walk along the low tide wide sands between Ryde and Seaview.

I was quietly enjoying the spectacle of flocks of Brent geese doing their best to fill up on the algae and eelgrass grass upon which they rely during this time of the year. If anyone keeps a reasonable distance away, the birds are content among all the other low tide foragers including oystercatchers and egrets.

Sadly a walker, walking from Seaview, who was exercising their dog close to the shallows, persisted in throwing their pet’s ball directly towards the birds, so scaring them and they naturally flew away.

I had to mention to the pet owner that I am not against dogs being exercised on the beach, what I am concerned about (especially when nature has now proven yet again so important to all our wellbeing), is that every time these birds are frightened off, they have to use their valuable energy resources upon which they rely to see them through the winter and into next year’s breeding season.

So please all dog owners enjoy your walks but please give a thought to our wildlife.

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