Wightlink has started up their Cats again...’great’, everyone cries, except those majority daily travellers with season tickets who have to catch the 6.50am crossing to get to work on time.

Few day-pass ticket buying passengers catch the early ferries so there is no new money made by Wightlink.

I personally do not catch such an early ferry for fun, it is a necessity.

This just proves Wightlink’s total contempt for those of us who have to use their services on a daily basis and pay thousands a year to do so.

Our money is already captured so they do not have to make provisions for us.

I am now forced on to the 6am ferry from Fishbourne, which has now forced me into having to buy a new car to get me there, (which has the added problem of parking).

This is a major burden to me financially when my job may not be secure because of this lockdown nightmare.

The return to service of the cats is clearly Wightlink profiteering off the increased traffic over the Christmas period. It has nothing to do with providing a service to their core daily commuting customers.

The early services should be a fundamental part of Wightlink’s service and if Wightlink was any sort of quality service provider they would appreciate this fact and make it so.

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