In response to Carol O’Brien’s letter re dumped litter (CP 27-11-20).

The biggest problem is takeaway items being thrown from cars, or dumped in meeting places.

This is totally anti-social and you can be prosecuted for littering.

The public need to report if witnessing such behaviour.

The culprits appear to be those who ride around in cars, pick up a McDonald’s or KFC, then meet in car parks with their friends. This has happened in lockdown too, so meeting in cars, in groups of more than six was surely breaking the law too?

McDonalds and KFC and other outlets should also take responsibility.

They should have some means of marking their products to identify the purchaser, car registrations or reference numbers? Should these items be dumped, there would be some means of identifying the culprit.

If residents witness this type of behaviour, send evidence to the appropriate bodies, so there is a recourse to prosecute.

The same applies to the ever-growing problem of fly tipping. We have a beautiful Island, let’s keep it that way. Rubbish and litter are a threat to our well-being.

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