There is a deeply disturbing upward trend developing on the Island which can’t have escaped the noticed of other readers.

Hardly a week goes by without yet another IW paedophile case reaching the law courts.

Am I correct in recalling not long ago former IW MP, Andrew Turner, requested assurance from the then Prime Minister that ex-offenders of HMP IW would not be resettled on the Island upon release?

Mr Turner asked for this assurance when HMP IW became a sex-offenders-only jail. Was Mr Turner given that assurance and has it been adhered to since?

What is not always made plain by the County Press is whether or not the current crop of vile and dangerous offenders are Island men or if they are ex-guests of IW Prison, originally from the mainland.

What I do recall for certain is that not long ago a government policy was introduced to discourage ex-offenders from returning to the areas where they formerly lived.

The theory is that if they return to their former home ground, they will return to their old criminal ways with their old associates.

If that policy is implemented on IW, then when former mainland dwelling sex offenders are released from the jail, are they resettled on the Island?

Is current MP, Bob Seely, able to confirm if this is happening? If it is then surely Mr Seely should be demanding that the Home Office cancel the policy when it applies to a sex offenders’ prison?

The alternative is that every ex-offender will resettle here and it really will be deserving of the horrible nickname it is fast gaining of ‘Paedophile Isle.’

This is not what the Island needs when trying to promote itself as a family-friendly holiday destination.

My own childhood, growing up on the Wight, was safe in comparison to today.

Editor’s footnote: Mrs Grant is correct in what she says about Mr Turner seeking assurances. As for County Press reporting of the court cases, when mention is made of the defendant’s history, it is reported. Recent major cases have not involved former inmates of HMP IW.

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