A FEW decades ago, the Isle of Arran was a popular place for school trips for many an Isle of Wight school it seems.

Susan Mustchin posted a lovely photo from the Nodehill Middle School's trip to Arran in 1975 (main image, above) and it sparked lots of comments from other members of the We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight Facebook group about their trips to the Scottish island.

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Janet Waters said: "I went to Arran in the 60s from Priory girls. The first time we stayed in the old stables at the castle which had been converted to accommodation — we used to scare ourselves silly looking for the ghost of the grey lady in the castle windows.

"Then I stayed twice in the new block built by the army as an exercise just behind the high wall down near the sea. Great times, great laughs, I even fell off a horse and dislocated my elbow the last time I went. Never forgotten holidays!"

Eleanor Langlois recalled going to Arran with Ventnor Middle and Medina High. She said: "I loved those trips. There was a lady near to the campsite that made the best fudge ever that you could buy. She definitely saw an opportunity!"

Sarah Follett added: "I went with Solent Middle or Cowes High twice (can’t remember which) in the early 80s, we stayed in Brodick and I loved Arran so much, I went back for my honeymoon in our camper van!"

Gill Allen confessed: "I went to Arran in 1975 with Ventnor Middle. We missed the last ferry from Ardrossan (on the mainland) so the teacher called the police. They found us a brand new resource centre to stay in — it was one of the many highlights of the trip!"

The playground equipment of bygone years also sparked lots of comments when Alison Dooley shared a picture of her and her family playing on the American Swing in Seaclose Park, Newport, in around 1970.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Alison Dooley in the pale blue with her brothers and cousins, in around 1970 at Seaclose Park, Newport.

Several people had memories of trying to get the American Swings in playgrounds across the Isle of Wight to do 'double clicks' and some also remembered playing on other equipment that you no longer see, such as the ever-popular Witches' Hats.

There have also been lots of lovely pictures from sports clubs and teams shared recently - we loved Anna Lake's picture of Downside Middle School's sports club from 1977.

Anna said: "During the summer holidays that year the school had a sports club and here’s us messing around while learning basketball. I am on the far left at the back (not at all sporty, nothing’s changed there, lol)."

Isle of Wight County Press:

Downside Middle School's sports club, 1977. Picture: Anna Lake.

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