I use gullproof sacks for refuse collection, which have to be left on the pavement for the dustman to collect and for me to retrieve after they are emptied.

I lost one blue bag a few years ago and recently lost a black bag.

The bags are lost because the dustmen leave them just where I had put them to reduce their workload.

I believe that I am charged if my bag is stolen yet it is not me who is responsible for enabling it to be stolen.

The solution to my problem would be to require the person emptying it to return it to my property. I did once ask one of the workers to toss the bag over the gate and it was subsequently done, once!

On the wider point, householders pay for rubbish collection but are required to buy inner bags and to do half of the job themselves.

I complained to a manager when the system was first introduced and he commented, "Yes Sir, we have gone from the gold standard to the bog standard."

There was a man with some pride in his job but who, I surmise was not listened to.

A similar irritating thing happens at the tip; people stand around with no other duty than to police us, nobody lifts a finger to help.

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I would like to end with a compliment; the booking system for the tip is very good and I hope it will continue in operation.

PS. I have tried logging on to the waste disposal site, found it impossible which I suppose is their intention.