Further to R. Young of Swanmore’s letter (CP, 20-11-20).

I have lived in East Cowes all my life (I am now over 70) and had a business in the town for about 40 years.

I have no interest in yachting or the tides but do realise that if you block up part of a water flow the balance will run faster.

Having used the FB5 hundreds of times, the size was OK. (except for about two weeks in year).Why have a bigger one?

I ask:

1) Did the builders build FB6 exactly according to the plans.? If they did then they can not be blamed. If, however, they did change the plan, why and who gave them permission too.

(2)Who decided that a larger FB6 was needed On such a short distance the extra time it takes to load/unload cannot be made up on the journey.

(3)Was the faster flow of the water taken into account when the design was made and was a model tested?

(4) How many councillors are there on the council now who voted for it?, or was it delegated to officers, and are they still there?

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