from Tony Edmunds-Lamb, Whiteley Bank:

I am writing in response to the letters opposing the Diamond Races (CP 20-11-20).

I have always been and always will be an advocate to events that can encourage a further aspect for visitor options.

If the estimated figures bring to the Island what is stated financially (£12.5 million) and we base this on the Isle of Man TT published figures for 2019 of 45,000 visitors with an expenditure in excess of £37 million, we can expect in the region of 10,000 visitors to travel to the Island to witness this spectacle.

I would struggle to believe that, given when the races are planned (mid October 2021) this would deter an equivalent number, considering it's after pupils and students return to schools and colleges.

I would suggest a similar perspective be used for the mentioned deterrent against potential property investors...could this not also encourage people to buy because of the races?

With regards to disruption, I would hardly call this 'extreme'. Are we that naive to think that the vastly experienced organisers haven't looked into this and brought with them the experience and knowledge gained from their time in the motorsport industry.

Let's base this against other IW traditions, the carnivals, Pride marches and Mardi Hras.

These cause town centre closures throughout the summer and place them into a no-go area to non-carnival lovers, myself included.

However, I would never pursue or publish any negativity that may lead to these events being cancelled just because it isn't 'my cup of tea'.

A few hours in the morning and afternoon of race days and practice isn't exactly putting people into solitary confinement for days and days on end.

As for walkers' road safety, I can't say as an IW resident for the last 12 years that I have encountered any travel inconvenience due to hoards of ramblers, which is probably down to the fact that per square mile, the IW has a fantastic ratio of footpaths, cyclepaths and bridleways compared to other parts of the UK and therefore minimises the amount of foot traffic on our highways.

Facilities: like any other event on the Island, I would imagine the organisers would have a level of responsibility for these along with the council.

Policing any illegal activities, camping, speeding etc: well I think the clue is in the name.

Finally, as previously stated, I am a true supporter of the races and can't wait for the first bike to be accelerating off the starting line, pitting man and machine against the clock.

Plus, this gives my family yet another excuse to travel from West Cumbria to visit, stay and be part of this great spectacle.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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