This is the letter I have sent to health secretary Matt Hancock, which I think your readers may find of interest.

"I am writing this after seeing your press conference this afternoon.

Although it is very early days, it does look as though hospital admissions for Covid are flattening out, which is tentative good news.

Although, after lockdown, there will hopefully be some easing of restrictions, I am concerned with the issue of travelling to and from the Isle of Wight for Christmas.

On the first lockdown, people had to stay in their cars on the ferry crossing but, as restrictions had eased, by the time of the second lockdown, travellers were not allowed to stay in their cars and had to move to the rest areas, as in normal times.

I travelled during both periods and had expected to stay in my car on my trip back to my IW home. However, I was shocked that we were no longer allowed to stay in our cars.

During the entire trip, I was frightened as having hundreds of people in an enclosed area, even wearing masks most of the time and I considered it at super spreader event.

As Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said today, it only takes a few seconds to spread the virus. With travellers constantly lowering and raising their masks to drink or to eat snacks, any passenger could so easily spread the virus.

I ask that you, Mr Hancock, liaise with the Maritime agency to make provisions for people to stay in their vehicles on the trip to and from the IW; this would also apply to other island trips.

Given that the ferry companies put great pressure on the IW MP, Bob Seely, The Maritime Agency and other influential people, for their own financial benefit, I ask you to please give this as much attention as you can give.

I have a 90 year old father and have told him to stay at home over Christmas; the risk of him catching Covid is just too great and, if he did get it, which would be likely without any change to the Maritime Agency rules regarding being in one's vehicle on a crossing, he would die and obviously I do not want that.

I am aware that you have a great deal on your plate but consider this; even in a tier 1 area, there is a limitation on who you can or cannot meet. Compare this with a ferry rest area crammed full of people.

I, personally, am so scared of getting the virus that I stay indoors and only go out for essential medical appointments. The reason that I am so scared is that I become unwell, St Mary's will very quickly become overrun and, with limited facilities, I worry for my life."

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