RYDE Inshore Rescue was called to reports of a trapped dog at the end of Ryde Pier this morning.

The female spaniel had been reported missing by her owners on the Isle of Wight Lost Pets Facebook page earlier in the day, having escaped during a walk at Appley Beach.

The dog was timid and initially resisted attempts to be taken onto the boat, but eventually was safely brought onboard to be returned to dry land.

Amy Parsons, who was close to the scene when the drama unfolded, said: "We arrived at the end of the pier and could see a few of the people fishing looking at something on one of the ledges.

"We saw it was a small spaniel who looked distressed. I called Ryde Inshore Rescue who responded within ten minutes — they were brilliant.

"One of the guys had to get out of the boat as the dog had cowered away, but they managed to get her safety onboard."

Isle of Wight County Press: The Ryde Inshore Rescue team after locating the scared spanielThe Ryde Inshore Rescue team after locating the scared spaniel

A spokesperson for the Coastguard has confirmed the owner was quickly located and the family were reunited with their thrill seeking pooch this afternoon.

The dog suffered a few cuts and scrapes to her paws and was a little shaken up, but didn't have any serious injuries following the incident.

Isle of Wight County Press: The spaniel escaped from Appley Beach.The spaniel escaped from Appley Beach.