It’s been a funny old week.

Being a ‘Townie’, we’ve noticed that Newport is still quite busy, enough shops and cafes still open to draw a crowd.

Though for me, I have had to make two trips to Wootton Bridge in the last week as my GP and vet closed their surgeries in Newport at the beginning of the lockdown in March and have yet to open again. That was £14 in bus fares.

I messaged the surgery, CCG and MP Bob Seely about the lack of GP healthcare in the town, no response.

Seeing as I was on one, I sent a message to Cllr Julie Jones-Evans about the lack of a road crossing at the end of Hunnyhill Way at the junction with Riverway.

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It’s awkward to cross and makes me nervous. Been meaning to ask about this for years.

The councillor suggested firing off a question to the full council meeting that evening.

By Wednesday morning, I’m being contacted for a comment about Cllr Ian Ward’s response, suggesting I have an unrealistic ‘perception of danger’ at the road crossing and he has to be careful with spending our taxes.

Err, St Mary’s Roundabout and floating bridge comes to mind regarding his shameful disregard for our taxes.

As for his assumption about my ‘perceptions’, it seems that the 95-plus comments criticising his response shows he is out of touch with the reality of the dangerous junction.

Is he happy to wait until someone is killed?

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