The other morning I was looking out of the window at the wind and rain, counting the leaves left on the trees.

Try it without counting the same leaves twice!

Then I woke up and thought that, instead of going through bad weather to the other side of the Island to shop, as myself and my wife have been doing for years, we should start thinking of shopping locally.

I went to our local supermarket to get a loyalty card and was told I could only get it online.

When I got home I thought, just a minute, what about folk who are not on line because, to get a card, you must give an e-mail address.

What if you don't want to, for fear of then being bombarded with constant emails offering you this, that and whatever.

I then looked up the word discrimination, and, it was described as 'unfair treatment of people'.

My thoughts then went on to some garden centres, cafes etc. refusing cash so that some people no longer use them.

You can find out more-on line and you can have your say, online, with, often, no other options given.

Again, a lot of people miss out, older people in the main, but not always so.

Some people have cards but do not wish to use it just to buy a coffee etc and sit with friends ( after lockdown-hopefully).

Again this word discrimination comes to mind.

Obviously, we must embrace progress but some take longer to adjust than others.

A lot has happened since the invention of the square wheel.

After all this, I notice it is still wet and windy outside — more leaves off the trees so I will have to start again...1, 2, 3...

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