Do you recall the £48m the IW NHS Trust proudly announced it received from government?

I bet you thought our impoverished island hospital, that has been driven into the ground by continuous cuts, was saved.

Sadly, nothing could be further than the truth.

There was talk of the Island losing 11 per cent of services, we’ll be luck if we are left with 11 per cent, as this money is used to transfer many medical services to Portsmouth University Hospital and other partners and providers.

It’s a total disgrace and a moneysaving plan hatched up by a controlling elite who have zero interest in providing a comprehensive, well supported, selection of everyday medical services for people here on the island.

Islanders will wake up one morning and think where has our hospital gone?

Those responsible for its demise will of course be long gone.

Just pray you don’t ever need to call on it.

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