From Peter Shreeve, National Education Union, Carisbrooke:

Monday, November 16, saw the start of anti-bullying week. The theme: United Against Bullying.

The goal being to inform everyone that it takes a collective responsibility to stop bullying, by wanting to create empowering, positive messages addressing the fact that when it comes to bullying any change starts with every single individual.

Regarding the investigation into alleged bullying by Pritti Patel, thereby breaking the ministerial code, what messages does this send, when the investigation found there was a case to answer and yet there wasn’t the expected sanction?

Differing messages of course:

• As a pupil. It means I can bully, claim I wasn’t aware of the impact of my behaviour and therefore get away with it.

• As a union representative. Let’s see the full report — not hide it away and refuse to share it.

• As Sir Alex Allan, former independent adviser on the Code for the PM. ‘Former’ clearly illustrates his moral view.

• As an adult voter. What should we take from the Prime Minister deeming it not a resigning matter?

• As the coalition that is the Anti-Bullying Alliance. The goal to inform everyone that it takes a collective responsibility to stop bullying has either just become much harder or Boris Johnson has just proved their point about the need for ‘collective responsibility’.

It doesn’t matter how united against bullying we all are, if the man at the very top is repeatedly hell-bent on being disunited!