MORE Covid patients have been occupying beds in St Mary's Hospital this month compared to the last few months — but numbers remain low.

Since the start of November, the numbers of beds occupied by Covid patients has fluctuated between zero and five, with only two days having no patients.

Of those, some have been on Mechanically Ventilated (MV) beds in intensive care (ICU).

There were no patients on MV beds for the first week of November, but since then, between one and three patients have been receiving treatment in the ICU ward at any one time.

This is in contrast to the period between August 1 and October 1, where there were no patients on MV beds.

The data goes up to November 17, when three people were on MV beds.

The figures should be treated with caution as there is often a lag in the data released by the NHS, and the data could be further updated in the future.