IT'S been a popular draw in Newport's town centre for more than 50 years but Oggies is moving with the times.

The Covid pandemic has forced the team to think of alternatives to their traditional cafe trading — so they are converting it into Newport Fried Chicken instead.

The chippy next door, at St Thomas's Square, will remain unchanged.

The cafe part is being converted into a fried chicken takeaway, KFC-style (with buckets too), but also flame-grilled griddled chicken in a range of flavours.

Owner Christopher Ogiliev explained: "The way everything's going on with Covid, the restaurant game is over for us, so we thought we would go more into takeaways, as our chippy is still going well.

"At the moment we are doing the building work, new counters, extractors, fryers — using all local businesses. We are hoping to be open before Christmas but we are not sure yet.

"There will be bucket meals, pizzas, fresh waffles, an ice cream machine for the summer, and salad bowls with flame-grilled chicken for lunchtimes. We will also have gourmet burgers using Isle of Wight meat.

"Deliveries will also be a big part of our future.

"This place has had 50-odd years as a chippy and sit-down restaurant so it is sad to change but it is the end of an era and the start of something new."