From Cameron Palin, East Cowes:

Schools simply are not safe. As a final year A-Level pupil I have seen first hand why Covid-19 is spreading so rapidly in secondary schools and the government's inaction is contributing to even more Covid cases in schools and colleges across the county.

Over the last two weeks we have seen 12 schools report having Covid cases, resulting in more than 400 pupils self-isolating and numerous members of staff having to do so too.

It is clearer now than ever before schools must close to help drive down the infection rate and help suppress the spread of the virus.

Last Saturday we recorded the highest ever number of Covid-19 cases on the Island and it seems it is schools and colleges which are driving these rates up.

In most cases we have seen young people's physical health is less likely to be affected compared to vulnerable members of their household and community, it is them who are spreading this virus rapidly.

We have several hundred people in school bubbles, meaning members from several hundred households are mixing.

We wouldn’t see this as acceptable in a pub, restaurant, bar, work place or concert so why is it OK in schools?

We have classes of over 30, where the rooms have non-existent ventilation, teachers unable to social distance and bubbles mixing on public transport.

It is time the government stepped up and closed schools for the greater good of this country.

We cannot continue on this collision course, until we have a proven vaccine schools cannot continue as normal.

Schools must close until the new year and during this time enable remote working, then introduce a rota based system for the foreseeable future until it is safe to resume education and not risk a further outbreak.