Cllr Dave Stewart is reported in last week's CP (13/11/20) to not have expected metal fatigue on the Cowes non-floating bridge, and Cllr Ian Ward also admitted other problems were not expected.

After all the breakdowns and loss of service, causing financial hardships to local businesses and the wasting of a great deal of public money, an independent inquiry should be expected to determine the following:

1. Why was the contract given to the chosen builders and who else were asked to submit a competitive tender?

2. When plans for the ferry were submitted to the council was anyone with the experience of running a similar ferry and someone with local knowledge of problems the service might face consulted?

3. Were the builders paid up front? Was there no trial period agreed before any payment made?

4. Is there no comeback at all, no legal action possible to recoup some of the money from the builders who delivered something not fit for purpose?

5. Which of the local councillors accepted and committed public finance to a project which has made the Island a laughing stock and brought misery to so many?

Are any of the people involved not expecting the voters of the Island to register their disgust and distrust soon?

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