Boris Johnson, an admirer of Winston Churchill, enjoys making the analogy fighting Covid-19 is akin to fighting a war.

Of course after the Second World War we had the Nuremberg Trials, where those who were complicit in war crimes were rightly held to account.

Many accused relied upon what came to be known as ‘the Nuremberg Defence’, ‘we were only following orders’.

When the enquiry begins into why our NHS was so ill prepared for any crisis, let alone a pandemic, despite the threat of such an enemy being well recognised, will those people responsible for depleting stock levels of PPE, NHS bed and staff capacity to such dangerously levels, be in the dock?

Will those responsible — politicians, NHS leaders, along with those lower in the ranks who were complicit in embracing and actively pursing our NHS’s vulnerability, be properly held to account, or will they skulk off into shadows, and if challenged, be also claiming the Nuremberg Defence?

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