I am writing about the article on the back page (CP 13/11/20) “TT team winning over the doubters”.

With regard to the proposed Diamond Races I held no strong view but I have followed the debate with interest with friends and colleagues on both sides of the argument.

Up until now I believe the CP has attempted to publish a balance of opinions. But I was concerned by some of the claims made by Paul Sandford and statements reported as fact in the article.

I would particularly like to ask about the evidence for some of the claims made.

It states the event is predicted to pump in excess of £12.5m into the local economy. Where does that figure come from? What evidence is it based on and from whom? To whom will the profits go?

Who will pay for the pre-race preparations – toilets, barriers, waste bins etc? The councils are cash-strapped as it is.

Who will police the crowds and the parking and the illegal camping? Who is going to pay for the clean-up afterwards?

Thank you Paul Sandford for admitting you got off to a rocky start and there was more that could have been done at a local level.

Apparently Chale has now come out in support. Where’s the evidence for that?

It’s claimed there is considerable support in Shorwell with a petition in favour signed by almost half of the 500 parishioners. Where was the petition located? Who had access to it? Who was responsible for verifying the responses and, by the way, ‘almost half’ is still a minority.

Mr Sandford claims they have made great efforts to engage with residents of the parishes. Brighstone, Shorwell and Chale were mentioned. A residents’ information booklet has been produced. How was it distributed?

Mr Sandford and other Diamond Races representatives spoke at a Zoom meeting on November 9. Who chaired and managed the meeting?

Thank you Jon Moreno for listing some of the concerns raised among the parish councils including speed safety, the length of time roads would be closed, access for emergency services vehicles, not to mention carers, schools and residents.

Mr Sandford said “across the Island people are very much in favour.”

Is he sure? Where’s the evidence? I think I’m becoming more of a doubter myself.

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