From Peter Dawson, Shorwell

We hear of and see a lot of Island Roads these days — not always good news!

However I wish to praise their staff for a recent problem that was reported and sorted within 24 hours.

At 5am on Thursday last I reported a pothole on the Bowcombe to Shorwell road.

It was not easy to pinpoint the exact location but it looked big and deepish, and I emphasised that action was required.

The following morning at 9.30am I received two telephone calls from Island Roads, one, from the scene, to say the pothole had been located and a temporary filling completed, and the second to confirm the work had been done and a permanent repair would be done soon.

I wish to compliment Island Roads on their prompt and efficient work and on informing me of the action.

I feared an accident may be caused by the pothole, and was delighted that this has been resolved so quickly.

Praise where praise is due!