A JUDGE jailed a Shalfleet man for harassing his former girlfriend — the second partner he has been given a restraining order not to contact.

Judge Malcolm Gibney said of David Taylor: "He seems to have a thing about former partners."

Taylor, of Fleetway, admitted sending electronic messages which amounted to malicious communication, and sending an indecent message, and by doing so, being in breach of a restraining order.

One of the messages contained an indecent image of himself, sent on September 2, and the other messages were sent between May 19 and September 18.

Emily Lanham, prosecuting at the Isle of Wight Crown Court on Friday, said Taylor sent more than 100 messages ranging in tone from begging to see his children, to making threats.

He frightened his victim by referring to famous murderers Raoul Moat and Dale Cregan and saying 'I could be a legend'.

Ms Lanham said in March 2019, Taylor received six months in custody for a previous breach of the restraining order, and eight months for breach of a suspended sentence.

The court also heard he had admitted battery of the same former partner in 2016, and was made subject of a restraining order after harassing a different partner in 2007.

Oscar Vincent, for Taylor, said at all times Taylor was some distance geographically from his victim, who lives in Hampshire.

He said: "He was living by himself in a remote part of the Isle of Wight. Communication was limited to to text and email correspondence and he had not seen her for months.

"He had not seen his children for quite some time but has continued to provide support financially and materially and had not missed a birthday or Christmas, until he was unable to send a present to his youngest, but then sent one to the oldest and said he would make it up to the younger child when he could afford it, which started two-way correspondence.

"It is clear he massively misinterpreted the tone and nature of the correspondence.

"He had spent a long time along during lockdown and his mental health had deteriorated. His obsessive thoughts, and missing his children, built up to an upsurge of emotion.

"He is also the primary carer of his seriously ill mother."

Taylor had been in custody since a court hearing on October 13.

Judge Gibney told Taylor: "You are a man of 40 years old, who has had 30 court appearances for 62 offences.

"You were given an eight-year restraining order for harassment of a previous partner.

"For this partner you were also given a restraining order which you breached, were jailed, and now are in breach again.

"You used electronic communication to terrify her. Restraining orders are there for a reason.

"A breach should mean you go straight to prison and that's exactly what is going to happen."

Judge Gibney cited Taylor's 'history of disobedience of court orders' and sentenced him to 16 months in prison.

He will serve half and be released on licence.