A WOMAN seeking treatment at St Mary’s Hospital told a doctor “you are not even from this country” when he asked her to leave.

Jade Sandells, 22, of Ryde Esplanade, admitted racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress by use of words on July 7, when she appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Liz Miller, prosecuting, said Sandells had been awaiting treatment in A&E but was talking on her phone, questioning the care she had been given by paramedics.

A nurse tried to speak to her, and Sandells told her to wait because she was on the phone.

A doctor told her it was rude and to hang up, and said she was free to leave.

She said she had a right to NHS treatment and spoke abusively to the doctor, then went on to say: “You have no right to tell me to leave, you are not even from this country.”

He said he was shocked and the comment was ‘extremely hurtful’ from someone he was trying to help, simply because she was not getting what she wanted.

He had qualified as a doctor in 1997 and worked in the UK since 1999.

Keith Verrinder, for Sandells, said she had a diagnosed personality disorder and suffers mental health issues, and had no previous convictions.

He said the doctor felt she was not co-operating because she was on her phone, drinking from a can of Pepsi and not wearing a mask.

She made the comment out of frustration and anger at being asked to leave.

She later realised she spoke out of turn, felt bad about it and was sorry, he told the bench.

Magistrates fined her £120, and ordered her to pay a £34 surcharge and £85 costs.