Thank you for printing the most amusing letter from Bob Humphreys (CP, 06-11-20) about his spoof gun-buying.

It reminded me of a visit I made with my family to the US 'Wild West' some years ago.

My two daughters were aged 19 and 21 at the time and we spent one night in Las Vegas where, of course, we visited a casino.

My 21-year-old was permitted to play on the one-armed bandits, while her sister could not, as she was under 21.

The next day we moved on to a little one-horse desert town, straight out of a Zane Grey novel, where my 19-year-old and I found the local sell-everything store.

Inside, one wall was covered floor to ceiling with guns of all description.

My daughter just stood open-mouthed staring at them.

The storekeeper asked her if she was interested in buying and she replied that she was too young — only 19 years old.

The man replied that if she had identification she was old enough to buy any of the weapons on display, some of which were capable of producing enough firepower to wipe out a whole city.

'But,' she replied, 'They wouldn't let me play on the machines in the casino last night.'

'Ah,' he answered, 'You're too young for those ungodly things, but you're old enough to defend yourself.'

Ah, the US Constitution.

Seeing some of the Trumpites out on the streets of Nevada the other day, I reckon that little store does good trade.

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