Having taken my daily exercise by walking my dog along the East Cowes Esplanade on the first day of lockdown I was somewhat surprised to see that the BritBox filming of The Beast Must Die was still underway.

It was coming to the end of the day and there were about a dozen vans, drivers, security, lighting crews, production crew and actors all milling around in some kind of huge ‘bubble’.

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Some were wearing mask but hardly any off them were socially distancing, but I suppose if they have all been

working together all day, why would they bother.

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Interestingly enough, I can't find any indication on the government website that making TV drama shows, for way off in the future, during lockdown, is an essential and protected occupation.

Let's hope they don’t carry on all over the Island at different locations for the next four weeks.

Enforcement, what enforcement?

Editor's footnote: Covid testing was undergone by everyone on set on The Beast Must Die.

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