In his letter to the editor, Bob muses over what he thinks might be the future...

We had a really interesting day yesterday. As it was raining and very windy, we decided to have a day off work.

We packed up the car and drove to our local gun shop. Now that rules on firearms have been relaxed we decided to tool up.

There was a bit of a queue to get in and we had to wait a while, but when I entered the shop I was amazed at how many rifles, hand-guns and so on were on display.

The thing that most amazed me was a laser sight, not cheap but not that much either.

I had to produce my driving licence, but as I didn’t want anything traced to me, I used dad’s old one. It didn’t seem to matter.

The man behind the counter spent ages going through things with us; calibre, different actions, you know ones where you just keep pulling the trigger, or where you have to operate a bolt.

We opted for semi-automatic as the bolt ones seemed a bit complicated; you had to put a bullet in and fire just one at a time.

They seemed just for people who wanted to join a firearms club and take part in competitions and not serious shooters.

In the end we chose a nice black one with a wooden handle for me, and a smaller one with a colourful carrying strap for Carol.

We also bought a couple of hand-guns, and haven’t they come on since the days when I used to play with dad’s service revolver in the street.

Carol chose a nice little silver one which will fit in her shoulder bag, while I opted for the Glock as it was on special offer. I already feel a bit like a modern policeman, but got it really because I needed a gun that would be OK for left-handers.

After we made our choices we were taken to the practice gallery where we were shown how to put the bullets in and hold the guns.

The Remington 522 Viper was a joy to use although I nearly fell over with the recoil first time.

I got nowhere near the target but the man said that if I practised enough in the garden I should get better in no time.

The Glock however was far more difficult. He said I should keep my eyes open but I found it really hard. It is lucky the side walls of the place were solid concrete.

You could see from all the scars how loads of people must have been like me.

We left loaded down with several others, semi-automatic pistols mostly that we could leave loaded and hide around the house in case of emergencies and the laser sight I told you about.

The only downside was that when we parked at the M&S in Newport I must have left the weapons on display on the back seat and in full view because when we got back with a nice chicken for our evening meal someone had opened the back door and taken the lot. I must have forgotten to lock the car up. Oh well – such is life.

The shop is closed tomorrow so I shall have to wait another couple of days to re-arm.

A pity, I was looking forward to practising in the back garden.

I am so pleased that now we have closer links with Trump and the USA, and becoming more like them.

Loads more fun things like this will soon be possible.

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