How heart warming it was to read that our council decided to give the destitute and deprived Isle of Wight Hunt the sum of £10,000 so they can target the real enemies of the state.

And to think that some (lots) of weak and wobbly wets thought that we ought to be feeding hungry children.

When will we realise that the job of the state is NOT to feed hungry children, that is the responsibility of charities.

Read more: Hunt given £10,000 of Covid cash.

If we are going to pour money into a section of the public life, then we should be thinking of the very poor, minimum-wage, zero-hour MPs that have to rely on expenses to repair their (duck) houses and also rely on subsidised food and drink in the House of Commons. This is hardship!

No, the purpose of government is to syphon off as much public money as possible to feed to incompetent private companies (preferably registered overseas for tax avoidance) to make a total hash of almost every suspect contract handed to them. IE, test and trace, prisons, etc.

When will we learn not to care about those in need?

Keep up the good work all you Conservative MPs.

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