TRADING Standards is warning Islanders to watch out for scammers posing as Domestic and General warranty providers.

Trading Standards has received reports from residents about scam callers telling them the insurance for their appliance has expired and trying to set up a new policy.

When they asked for personal and banking details one resident became suspicious and hung up ­— he then contacted Domestic and General directly, who confirmed that it was a scam.

This can be quite a dangerous scam, particularly if you already have domestic appliance/boiler insurance.

Scammers will attempt to convince you it needs renewing, and then take payments from your account.

Investigators discovered one victim in Dorset was paying for 48 of these policies.

A spokesperson for Trading Standards said: "Please be careful, and if you are paying for this type of insurance, make sure it's only once.

"We have also had reports or the HMRC phone scam rearing its ugly head again.

"This is a threatening message designed to scare you into handing over money or bank details ­— HMRC will NEVER contact you in this way."