The hypocrisy of this Tory government in general, and our Isle of Wight MP in particular, is breathtaking (MP defends vote against vouchers CP, 23-10-20)

The estimated cost of of covering free school meals until next Easter is £150 million, which is equivalent to the sum the government spent on a PPE contract for face masks that turned out to be unusable.

Bob Seely talks of £63 million support for local councils, but does not say that this sum was allocated over 12 weeks ago and would be expected to cover additional council costs for a period of 12 weeks.

Mr Seely goes on to say that he and his team are working hard to ensure that Islanders get

the support they need and urges families who may be struggling to contact him.

I hope they get a swifter response from him than I did when I contacted him with a query on September 16 and am still awaiting a response.

All of this occurs at exactly the moment when latest figures show child poverty rates on the Island are amongst the highest in the South of England: 32.7 per cent of children here on the Island are living in poverty.

How Mr Seely and his fellow Tory MPs sleep at night is beyond me.

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