From Angela Smith, Ryde:

Its Sunday October 25, and I have just spent one hour 30 minutes trapped in the B & Q car park in Newport because of the extensive road works at the junction and lack of traffic control by any public body or B&Q company management.

I understand the same thing happened on Saturday.

While I can understand that major works are going on, it seems totally unsatisfactory they have been going on for so long — at least a year. It is such a major project and yet the work is left unattended at weekends and evenings in spite of the inconvenience being caused to residents. The lack of urgency is very worrying.

This through route is very important and no one in authority seems to be managing it properly.

It must be costing local businesses a fortune, I have just spent £20 on a taxi to Ryde Pier in order to catch a ferry.

It's such a shame that such a lovely place can be let down by its public bodies.

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