In The 2019 Index of Multiple Deprivation, we made it to the top of the league table for deprivation in Hampshire but as the data was from September 2019, and there has been a pandemic since then things will be even worse.

It is therefore an absolute surprise to me that our MP, Mr Bob Seely has voted against the motion brought about to support the most vulnerable of families and provide food for the children most in need. (Sadly, that’s not quite true, I am not entirely surprised, but dismayed none the less.)

So, how does he reconcile his party’s spending in other areas with the notion that there is no money to feed hungry children?

By this I refer to the following: £100 billion for Operation Moonshot (quick Covid 19 testing and results — not successful).

£12 billion for failed test and trace, £3 billion-plus to companies for PPE that is not fit for purpose or is not delivered, £1 billion for post Brexit border (words fail me), £7k per day per management consultant regarding test and trace (not successful) £522 million for Eat Out to Help Out (successful for those who can afford to eat out)

Feeding children will be successful, it will have a result and an immediate impact on the health, wellbeing and success of our most vulnerable families and could even (imagine this…) impact positively on the achievement and standards in our schools.

The hypocrisy of a party where a trustee of Feeding Britain (Jo Gideon) votes against feeding the most vulnerable children in our communities, the minister for children (Vicky Ford) votes against feeding children, as does the man who promised to get things done for our Island, knowing the deprivation status of our community.

The most recent report states Mr Seely has indeed defended his vote, citing some benefits being given and urging families in need to get in touch with him. I also urge families to do so, and let us know if you actually hear back or manage to get any extra help, as this would be genuinely interesting.

Mr Seely I say this: there are children who would actually wish for that half a sausage you ate at the illegal barbecue this summer, and to deny a £15 a week boost to those most in need while you take your £10k bonus for working from home and accept your pay rise is a disgrace.

One thing is for sure, you do not vote in my name. Your hypocrisy is seen and has been noted.

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