I have sent the following open letter to our MP Bob Seely:

"As you are no doubt aware, the leader of your party, PM Boris Johnson, has made it known publicly, that he now plans to follow the protocols laid out in the UN’s Agenda 21 and initiate a Great Reset to our country and our economy, which will impose those Agenda 21 protocols on all our lives.

Readers who might wish to look up the aims ‘Agenda 21’ and the ‘Great Reset’ can easily find them on the internet though I can assure them now that they will be shocked and horrified at what they find.

My question to you Mr Seely is this: ‘Exactly when, during the last election, did you tell us that Conservative principles would be ditched wholesale in favour of communist ones on the basis of a virus which the BMA has downgraded to a ‘normal annual epidemic'.

We agreed and accepted your plans and manifesto and used our vote to put you into power. Why are you now secretly handing that power to the UN without our permission?

Every Island Conservative has, I think, a right to know.

When they’ve read what the Great Reset entails, they’ll be demanding to know.

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