SHREDDED plastic is continuing to float around Bonchurch — and residents are fed up with the lack of action taken to remedy the problem.

An uncompleted development has long been the subject of consternation among neighbours, on Bonchurch Shute, as plastic sheeting over the derelict building on the site is disintegrating and small pieces are flying loose.

Neighbour David Laurence said: "We have been suffering plastic pollution for approximately 18 years, yes 18 years.

"Plastic sheeting waste has been littering our gardens, from this uncompleted development.

"All we get are empty promises and no action. The Isle of Wight Council's environmental services department have been made aware of the problem on more than one occasion.

"The local wildlife that this has affected includes one dead squirrel officially recorded, having digested plastic shredding, a badger entangled in plastic, and a cat having to have plastic taken from its mouth."

The Isle of Wight Council declined to comment.

The County Press first reported on this problem in March 2019.