E-SCOOTERS could be on their way to the Isle of Wight next month, as part of a trial being considered across the Solent area.

The Isle of Wight Council, Solent Transport and British micromobility provider Beryl, are co-developing plans for an E-Scooter pilot program on the Island.

If confirmed, this will be part of a national trial sponsored by the Department for Transport being delivered through Solent Transport’s, Future Transport Zone programme.

If successful, as many as 75 E-Scooters will be available to hire from Beryl Bays on the Island from November.

Beryl says its innovative hybrid parking model, which encourages riders to park in geo-fenced bays, will provide residents and visitors with sustainable and affordable transport that does not impede on the Island’s social infrastructure.

The E-Scooter pilot programme requires no direct funding from the Isle of Wight Council, and is the first of many trials planned by Solent Transport.

Beryl and the Isle of Wight Council hope the introduction of the E-Scooter hire scheme will encourage a switch to a greener mode of transport for shorter journeys.

E-Scooters cannot currently be used legally in the UK, except on private land, but confirmation of the trial by the Department for Transport would trigger legislation meaning E-Scooters hired from the approved operator could be used in the designated trial area only.

Beryl chief executive, Philip Ellis, said: “The Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to host these E-Scooter trials, and Beryl is excited to give the Island an opportunity to play a leading role in transforming how the UK travels in a greener and safer way post Covid-19."

Cllr Ian Ward said: “E-Scooters could help the Island not only as we emerge from this pandemic, but as we look to tackle climate change, by offering a greener and healthier alternative to the car for many journeys.”

Beryl E-Scooters, which will be able to be hired through the Beryl app, and in the future through a 'Solent Go' Solent-wide smart card and travel app, will only be legally allowed on the road and cycle lanes, not on pavements.

They must be picked up from and parked at a network of specially marked Beryl Bays, located on the street and in the Beryl app.

Users will be required to provide a valid UK Driving License, while all of Beryl’s E-Scooters have a speed cap of 12.5mph, and can be restricted by the operator where lower speeds are deemed necessary.