I am concerned for the Isle of Wight and for the residents.

More and more areas on the mainland are going into higher tiers and, as happened at the start of the pandemic, I fear that people will travel from high risk areas on the mainland to the Island and, although we are thankfully relatively Covid-free, that position may change if there is an influx of people.

If people, who come to the Island, can move around with relative ease and have a phone or laptop, they will move to the Island if the place that they will stay in has WIFI, so that they can carry on working.

Of course, those who offer accommodation on the Island will be pleased from a financial point of view as we head into the winter but what is the trade off and risk?

We have been protected by The Solent, up to now, but I fear that this will change if more and more areas on the mainland have higher infection rates.

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