Between October 8 and 12, the Island Roads team resurfaced our corner of St. Helens: West Green and the adjoining stretches of Field Lane and Carpenters Road.

I don’t think West Green had been resurfaced for about 30 years (well it certainly looked like it) and the stretch of Field Lane was full of potholes.

We honestly didn’t expect West Green to actually ever get done but when we received the notice letter from Island Roads we were excited but still quite apprehensive about how the verges and driveways onto West Green might suffer.

Well all is done now. We watched the care and focus of their team of workmen during all aspects of the work and feel only huge respect for their professionalism and the excellent results they have achieved.

Everything is edged and abutted perfectly.

Rather than having to carefully navigate the old minefields around here everyone can now really enjoy going for walks and using these roads.

Thank you Island Roads.

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