A SHALFLEET man who flouted a restraining order by bombarding his ex-girlfriend with abusive and sexually explicit texts and emails, faces the prospect of going behind bars again.

Island magistrates remanded David Taylor, 31, in custody to appear before an Isle of Wight Crown Court judge after he admitted two charges of sending a former partner a malicious communication, and the breach of a restraining order, by sending her more than 100 text messages and 64 emails between May 19 and September 18.

The four-year restraining order was made on May 14, 2018 for Taylor not to contact the victim.

Taylor breached the order in March last year, for which he was jailed six months.

The victim had been in a seven-year relationship with Taylor and broke up with him in 2017. They had two children.

For Taylor, Oscar Vincent said his client claimed he sent the texts and emails after the victim had contacted him first — criticising him for forgetting his youngest child's birthday.

The texts and emails were abusive, of an explicit sexual nature and threatening, especially when he warned he would rent a house in the next street to her, said Ann Smout, prosecuting, at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.

Taylor also sent a picture of his genitals, which he later ordered her to delete.

"These messages have distressed her. The former partner is someone who is entitled to receive the protection of the courts," said Mrs Smout.

Mr Vincent added Taylor's response to his former partner's messages to him were foolish in allowing his negative thoughts to escalate the way they did.

Taylor will reappear for sentencing on November 6.