ANOTHER elderly driver has volunteered to give up driving after being stopped by the police.

It is the second such incident in two days.

A police spokesperson said: "Earlier this morning we assisted our colleagues who had stopped a vehicle following a report of it having been driven erratically.

"The elderly driver of this vehicle failed a roadside eye test and as a result he decided it was time to hang up his keys and voluntarily surrender his driving licence.

"In fact, this was the second driver in 24 hours who has surrendered their driving licence.

"Yesterday we attended a road traffic collision along Hill Lane, Freshwater, which involved a car and a pedestrian who was escorting a pair of horses along the road.

"As a result of the collision the pedestrian sustained minor injuries and the driver having failed an eyesight test decided it was time to voluntarily surrender his driving licence.

"On the subject of eye sight, it is a requirement that a driver can read a number plate from 20m.

"Ultimately it is all about road safety and should you have any concerns about the eyesight of anyone you know please let (the police) know and we can arrange to conduct a test if necessary as it’s certainly better to be safer than sorry."