I live on the proposed motorbike TT route.

It’s not the four days of training and racing that is my major concern, where, hopefully, all aspect of safety will be carefully considered.

It’s the rest of the year that worries me. Once lap times across classes has been established, the temptation for motorbike enthusiasts to try their luck to see how they measure up will be inevitable.

A BBC 2019 report stated that the road accident rate on the Isle of Man is twice the UK national average.

The IW is an easier and cheaper ferry ride and we are much closer to large population centres than the Isle of Man.

The back roads around Brook to Chale are used by locals, farmers and many recreational activities through the year and I would hate to see our accident rate go up.

I also worry about the impact this may have on St Mary’s Hospital which through out my 20-plus years on the Island has always struggled to meet demand.

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