The 75-year-old jogger hurtled past me and disappeared like the setting sun over the horizon ahead.

I however remained motionless in time, embedded in the traffic jam, near the IW Tank Museum. It took me a further 35 minutes to reach St Mary’s.

By which time, I expect my jogger would be on his second pint in the Bargeman’s Rest.

As completion comes nearer, it seems the jams get worse, with continuous radio bulletins of congestion from all directions at the road “improvements.”

What an insult to our intelligence is the inclusion of that adjective, illuminated on their electronic propaganda notices.

We wait to see the final result but I strongly suspect that this ‘Future Proofing’ will be as effective as that already achieved on the ‘Future Proofed’ Calamity Chain.

We will all have to, in perpetuity, “Allow extra time for our journeys.”

As a by product we will produce the equivalent carbon footprint of a jumbo jet as we sit in queues with all our idling engines.

Perhaps at 74 years old I still have time to take up jogging?

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