My beautiful fundraising assistant Cassie passed away in 2014 and in her memory I launched Cassie’s Care 4Pets (CC4P) Veterinary Fund to help elderly owners and those in financial difficulties to pay their Vets bills.

I work with the charity Friends of the Animals and to date I’ve donated in excess of £32,000 toward the treatment and operations of Island animals.

I should like to bring to the notice of your readers that CC4P is available to help alleviate the worry and distress of pet owners about consulting a pet.

At this time, I’m sure there are people – particularly those who live alone with the only companion a four-footed friend, so if it becomes sick it could be very distressing.

Also, the fund is available to assist those who live on fixed incomes or have lost their employment.

Although I am the sole fundraiser I have a loyal group of Canine Collectors who help me raise money for the fund.

However, because of the virus only four people were available to help me on Saturday, September 19, but I managed to raise £1,310.

My dog, Seely, and I were out for five and a half hours but people were so generous and I had an amazing amount of donations.

Bowie is a puppy who developed a heart condition at four months and CC4P donated £600 towards his operation. I recently met the little fellow and he’s progressing very well.

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