Beware the "Nottingham Knockers", who the Isle of Wight's police and trading standards teams say are banging on Island front doors, trying to sell cleaning products.

So-called because the practice originally started in Nottingham, they're teams who carry holdalls full of overpriced, poor quality, cleaning products, according to the Isle of Wight Council's IWASP team.

Islanders are warned that they often claim to be ex-prisoners trying to turn their lives around, in a bid to guilt us into buying.

We're told a refusal can make them 'persistent and aggressive.' 

IWASP says any I.D. card is likely to be fake and they may be taking the opportunity to check out our homes, for future scams.

It says: "The best advice we can give is if you don’t know the person at your door don’t open it, or use a chain. If they become intimidating and you are frightened close the door and call the police on 101."

The advice has been echoed by Isle of Wight police.