WEST Wight Timebank is now offering a delivery service for its Eco Refill Scheme.

To reduce the amount of single use plastic being discarded into the environment, you can arrange for your empty plastic bottles to be collected and refilled with environmentally friendly products.

Washing up liquid, multipurpose cleaner, liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner, toilet cleaner and hand sanitiser are all among the products available.

The scheme is run by Timebank members who volunteer their time and skills.

In return, for every hour volunteered, they earn one credit which they can exchange with other members for any help that they need.

For more information about the products and prices, Covid measures and delivery arrangements, you should call 07790 329859

Prices are competitive and calculated by volume.

Products are all environmentally friendly and produced in the UK.