An Islander has stepped in to help out the government's chief medical officer, during the Covid-19 Downing Street presentations.

Josh Peverley, from the West Wight, has shelled-out for a potentially life-changing piece of tech for Professor Chris Whitty.

Professor Whitty presents the data slides in the coronavirus briefings, alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But his presentations are littered with the phrase, "next slide please", as he communicates to the person in charge of the crucial illustrations.

Things took a turn for the worse this week, when the operator accidentally missed a few slides and instead, Professor Whitty had to resort to, "One slide back, please".

Now Josh has stepped into help.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Josh posted the order notice on Twitter

He's ordered a clicker from Amazon and sent it to 10 Downing Street, in the hope Professor Whitty will be able to take control of the slides himself.

Josh tweeted: "Next Slide Please. I didn’t get Chris Whitty in the secret Santa but on behalf of the nation I’ve ordered a clicker for Downing Street #NextSlidePlease."

His bright idea caught the imagination of Radio One breakfast show host Greg James, who invited him on the show. 

LISTEN HERE (between about 9:35am and 9:45am)

Josh told Greg this morning (Wednesday): "I sent Chris Whitty a clicker to Downing Street. Can you image the pressure on the person that has to press the button?" 

Greg said: "Was it a good quality one or a cheap one?"

Josh says it cost £12 and confirmed the parcel was 'out for delivery'.

He joked he was expecting Boris Johnson to wait in all day for its arrival.