The Sportsman's Rest pub in Porchfield has closed - and the 'devastating impact' of coronavirus is being blamed.

The last pint was pulled on Thursday night (October 8).

In a statement on social media, the team said: "With a heavy and sad heart we have made the tough decision to stop trading.

"We didn't make this decision likely, but Covid has had a devastating impact on trade; losing our regular lunch and evening drinkers and diners, plus no annual events to look forward to, especially going into next year.

"The building maintenance and structural costs are high and the building requires investment and time.

"Deborah and David have had the honour and privilege of serving great customers over the four years - watching the business develop into more than it was when we moved in.

"We want to send a personal thank you to all our staff for helping build the business with your hard work and effort, bringing a smile to peoples' faces and simply making this pub different to others.

"From the bottom of our hearts we wish you all the best and thank you for being there and making the Sportsman’s what it should be."