Residents of the West Wight were very saddened to have received a letter saying that the village Co-op’s telephone and home delivery to vulnerable customers is to stop from October 16, especially at a time when Covid-19 seems to be becoming more prevalent. 

We have been lucky on the Island, especially in Freshwater, up until now but the risk level has risen from Low to Medium during the last few days. 

How the County Press reported the end of the service.

Winter is approaching and there will be other infections going the rounds. Nationally, we have a bleak winter ahead of us.

We appreciate the precautions that the Co-op is taking to make the shopping experience as safe as possible but if one feels vulnerable then one stays away from anywhere which makes one feel uncomfortable.  

Please could I put in a plea for the Southern Co-op to reconsider this and continue the service which we older people have found so valuable. 

We have spent a considerable sum over the last 18 weeks. 

The Co-op is our supermarket of choice because it maintains the same values and ethos that we hold.   

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