I read with great interest the article about housing targets and the planning process.
I have objected on many occasions over the years to applications for residential development.
Your article has highlighted the problem of responding to Applications where readers consider that the proposals say for size and location of a development are not appropriate.     
Volume of traffic is also important.
Despite the fact that objections are not encouraged by the council or developers, we must keep making representations otherwise the Island will become a large housing estate with land being devoured with increasing regularity. This must not happen. The Island is precious. 
Mr Seely is doing his best within the constraints imposed upon him as a member of the Conservative party which wants houses everywhere but the rest of us must make our views known.

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I suspect that objections made in writing to the planning department are ignored unless the number is large but we have no option but to use that route.
Interested persons can make written comments by way of objections within the 21-day timescale although I have found letters are capable of being considered up until the planning meeting?

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I have been advocating for many years the Island should be classified as a national park or become part of the designation for the New Forest one. Unfortunately I have few supporters at the moment. Mr Seely is aware of my views. Development is not encouraged in such areas.

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