There has been a fiasco over the past week or so, concerning people being sent to the Isle of Wight for Covid-19 tests. 
At least two people have since tested positive for the virus and were not allowed to stay in their car on the ferry. 
Revealed: How many mainlanders have been tested on the Isle of Wight

This was due to the fact they could not give 48 hours’ notice. 
Instead, they had to walk around the vessel, potentially infecting fellow passengers.
The IW Council has said the reason people are being sent here is that there is a problem with the new app and it does not recognise us as an island. 
This despite the fact it was trialled here and deemed safe to roll out nationwide?
People are really concerned about this. 
This is why I have started a petition to try to stop this happening and protect Island residents. Sign up here.

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